I. Product Development


We specialize in the development of Islamic finance products tailored for microfinance and fintech enterprises. We employ the most relevant types and combinations of Shariah contracts to ensure that our offerings align with your business requirements while adhering to industry standards and regulations. Our product development process is grounded in a blend of extensive experience and innovative approaches.

II. drafting services

Drafting Islamic finance Contracts

To lower costs, improve quality and safeguard your rights properly, we draft a sharia-based contract for every purpose. Drafting contracts is a skill that is developed through experience and not something that can be easily copied.

1. Musharaka


Are you an entrepreneur, an investor, or a venture capitalist and you wish to have a shareholder agreement that is compliant with Sharia rules?  

Then you need a Musharaka contract!  

We discuss your needs and, through our formulation of the Musharaka contract, we help you govern your shareholder structure and draft your articles of association considering your business activity and in compliance with Sharia. The schemes of Musharaka are various, including fixed Musharaka and diminishing Musharaka, all based on your business needs and foreseeable risks.

2. Mudaraba

If you have a project that needs someone to manage it, or you have capital that you want someone to invest for you in return for a share of the profit, you can use the Mudaraba contract. We draft the Mudaraba contract, outlining the Sharia and legal obligations of the parties, and help you avoid the mistakes people often fall in throughout this transaction.

3. Murabaha

You may need to buy a home or some equipment for your business, but you lack the cash and you don’t want to get an interest-based loan. The Murabaha contract is a good solution for your need, where an investor will buy the asset in cash and will resell it to you with a markup. But this deal entails a set of agreements. We ensure the right formulation of this set and secure the debt of the investor through solid arrangements. We also support our clients by verifying the compliance of the transactions’ procedures step by step. 

4. Ijara

Do you need to lease or rent an asset for your business or your personal use? Leasing in Islamic finance is called Ijara. We draft the Ijara agreement between the lessor and the lessee, considering the Sharia, legal and business aspects of each case. We draft all forms of Ijara contracts -including Ijara leading to ownership, with full compliance with Sharia criteria.


5. Salam

You might be a supplier who sells a described commodity (like crops, electric appliances, cars, etc.) with deferred delivery. This is Salam. To be valid, this transaction has several requirements in the contract and in implementation. We draft the Slam contract ensuring that these requirements are fulfilled, while the contract is exactly fitting your business needs.

6. Istisnaa

If your company is doing manufacturing or building upon request, then you’re performing an Istinaa’ contract with your clients. This contract is a great solution to many challenges in business. We formulate your Istisnaa’ contract and customize it to your business needs.

"There will certainly come a time for mankind when everyone will take riba and if he does not do so, its dust will reach him."

Prophet Mohamed 

(Abu Dawud, Kitab al-Buyu’, Bab fi ijtinabi al-shubuhat; also in Ibn Majah)

IV. Reviewing services

Contracts & Procedures

We help you build better long-term strategic partnerships with your country party and ensure its implementation in your policies and procedures, taking into consideration all regulations and legal requirements without breaching Islamic business law i.e Shariah-compliant .


Business contracts

We review the draft contracts that you made yourself or through your lawyer to verify their compliance with Sharia, whether they are partnership contracts or sales and debt contracts. We support our clients by giving full Sharia review, correction and enhancements to the contract.



We help you draft the relevant legal pages of your online activity: privacy policies, copyright notices, terms and conditions of use, disclaimers, access information, abuse or complaints, contact information, trademarks, patents, corporate policies pages and more.


Cross-country trade transactions

Are you carrying cross-country trade transactions? We help you formulate a contract that reconciles the different, sometimes conflicting, interests of the parties while complying with Sharia. We identify who is liable and when, the suitable terms and conditions and we ensure a balanced relationship between the buyers and sellers.

V. Fatwas and Research services

Fatwa services

If you need a fatwa about a transaction you are considering, a contractual dispute, a Zakah issue, a financial issue, or an investment of which you’re not sure of the Sharia compliance, we help you reach the right decision through our research-based fatwas by our team of experts in Sharia, finance and conventional law. Ask us, we will guide you. 

VI. Sharia Screening for Stocks

Investing in stocks can be very attractive. Though allowed in Sharia, it is conditional on several criteria. We perform financial ratio screens for stocks of companies worldwide, based on the internationally recognised screening criteria, Islamic finance regulations and cutting-edged technology . we provide explanation for our assessment. We make sure that your questions are answered and your investment decision is based on solid foundations.