I. Shariah Advisory & Review

Ensuring Shariah

Whether you need Shariah advice about a transaction you are considering, a product you are launching, a contractual dispute, or a financial issue, we help you through our discussion-based advisory process by our team of experts in Shariah, business, finance and conventional law. We specialize in conducting review of contracts and processes. We support our clients by identifying Shariah violations and providing practical and comprehensive solutions and enhancements that help them maintain their growth momentum while achieving compliance. 

II. Product Development


We specialize in the development of Islamic finance products tailored for microfinance and fintech enterprises. We employ the most relevant types and combinations of Shariah contracts to ensure that our offerings align with your business requirements while adhering to industry standards and regulations. Our product development process is grounded in a blend of extensive experience and innovative approaches.

III. Contracts


From sale to lease, partnership and even employee hiring, we draft Shariah compliant contracts for the various needs of corporates, startups and individuals. Choosing from the wide array of Islamic finance tools, we customize the right contract for your specific need, objectives and your industry’s requirements, while observing the legal and regulatory requirements of the market.

"There will certainly come a time for mankind when everyone will take riba and if he does not do so, its dust will reach him."

Prophet Mohamed 

(Abu Dawud, Kitab al-Buyu’, Bab fi ijtinabi al-shubuhat; also in Ibn Majah)

IV. Zakah Advisory

Calculating corporate Zakah may be a complex process. We support our clients by handling this issue for them using the internationally recognized methods.

V. Sharia Screening for Stocks

Investing in stocks can be very attractive. Though allowed in Shariah, it is conditional on several criteria, some of which are subtle. We perform Shariah screening for stocks of companies worldwide, based on internationally recognized screening criteria.

VI. Training Services

We provide training to entrepreneurs and enterprises on the fundamentals of Islamic finance types of financing, rules of selling and rules of partnership, which gives a holistic view on the essence of Shariah compliance and a detailed understanding of Islamic finance instruments and helps avoid Shariah violations in their deals and processes. ​